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Below are some of our gorgeous girls which have been campaigned and are or will be, utilized in the joint breeding venture embarked on in 2004.

Australian Champion Tinsnips Puddle Duck is a Dachshund Miniature Wirehair.

Australian Champion Tinsnips Puddle Duck
W: 29/09/2002 Bitch Wild Boar

Puds is a gentle and loving girl who always tries hard to please. She has proven herself in the show-ring with several top awards including Runner Up Best in Show at a Hound Specialty. Mother of Turtle and Dove, in March 2009 she had her 2nd litter to our new import Pate. We have kept "Squeak" from this litter and are now looking forward to having some fun with her son "Strop" from her third and probably final litter born Dec. 29th, 2009.Puddles enjoys competing in the occasional Veterans and is usually placed in the top 3:: Not surprising as she is gorgeous!

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Puddles enjoys being the house dog and grand Matriarch of all at Tinsnips.

Dachshund Miniature Wirehair Paw Prints.

Aust Ch Tinsnips Turtle Dove
W: 24/12/2006 Bitch Wild Boar

"Turtle" is from Puddle and along with her sister Dove has had limited showing. She became a champion with ease even though due to her age had to acquire 25 more over the age of 12 months. Turtle became a mother in Jan 2009 mated to our import "Pate" and we kept her gorgeous only daughter "Dolli" from this litter. Turtle attended 3 shows in 2009 for 3rd in Champion Sweeps at the Dachshund National. Reserve CC and Ru BOB at the Dachshund Specialty and an Intermediate in group at an All Breeds show.She was brought out for the Dachshund Club Ch Show in Sept 2010 and won RuBOB and Open In Show. She has since been in the litter box producing the lovely Terra and handsome Raffy!

Australian Champion Tinsnips Turtle Dove is a Dachshund Miniature Wirehair.
Turtle keeps us all amazed with her antics and her beauty.
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Tinsnips Miz Dollifin

Aust Ch Tinsnips Miz Dollifin
W: 05/01/09 Wild Boar

Dolli is Turtles only daughter from her fist litter and plays on it!!! Talk about a BRAT! She is doted on by her mother and is the only one allowed to steal toys or torment Turtle to the enth degree! She took her first trip off the property to the Qld Dachshund Specialty and won Minor of Breed. Since then she hasnt looked back and finished her title in great style in 2010. She has won some Class in Group awards and wowed the international judges at the Hound Club Specialty show 2009 where she won Best of Breed and Puppy In Show against a record entry of hounds. Dolli has won back to back BEST IN SHOW Specialties in 2010 and 2011 which is a breed record and a testament to her beauty. She is semi retired now but will grace the ring with her presence on the odd occasion

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Dolli is proudly owned, bred and handled by Tinsnips.

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Tinsnips Turnin Turtle
W: 22/02/2011 Bitch Wild Boar

"Terra" is from Turtle and Pate, a repeat of the mating that produced Dolli. Terra is aptly named : she is a little dynamo that keeps me on my toes! Terra never seems to run out of batteries!!! A promising baby, time will tell how she will turn out but she is a beauty at this point in time! She loves running out in the garden and hunting for something intersting to roll in or bring back as a present for me. It is hard to be overly grateful though when she brings back a treasured plant or something smelly but who could get mad at her when she is so proud of herself ?

Terra is a Terra dackdill.
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Dachshunds Miniature Wirehair Paw Prints.

Australian and New Zealand Champion Wickerby Mystic Mystery is a Dachshund Miniature Wirehair.

Aust & NZ Champ Wickerby Mystic Mystery
W: 14/05/05 Red

Poppie is heaven on a stick! A more obliging and sweet natured dog could not be found.
She achieved her NZ title with ease and then came out to Australia to wow everyone here. BOB at the Melbourne Royal 2007 she returned home in whelp to a Duck son and her bubs were everything we expected. Pop is a delight to own and spends her days chasing the sun in NZ.

"Delta" her daughter has now made her home at Tinsnips.

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Now residing back in NZ at Wickerby.

Dachshunds-Miniature-Wirehair Paw Prints.

Aust Champ Wickerby Pawnee Pride (Imp NZ)
W: 16/05/08 Wild Boar

Delta is an angel! A gorgeous temperament Delta has never met a stranger and views life as one big game! She made her debut in the show ring in Australia at the National Dachshund Specialty. Delta won first in the Non Champion Sweeps at this show and wowed everyone with her personality and correct outline. She was not shown much till November 2010 and gained her title with ease. If nothing else life is much more rewarding with the lovable Delta around!

Delta's a Dachshund Miniature Wirehair.
Delta makes us laugh at Tinsnips.
Click pic for Deltas page.

Dachshunds-Miniature-Wirehair Paw Prints.
Tinsnips Foxy Lady.

Aust Champ Tinsnips Foxy Lady
W: 03/03/09 Wild Boar

Squeak is out of Puddles and Pate and made her debut in the show ring in Australia at the National Dachshund Specialty. It was her first time off the property and on a lead : needless to say she gave everyone a laugh with her antics including me!!! She was shown 3 more times in 2009 and finally figured out you actually WALK on a lead:) She was awarded for her efforts winning Runner Up Best In Show and Minor Puppy in Show at a Dachshund Open Show at the tender age of 8 months. In 2010 she gained her title within a short space of time picking up a few Class in Group and Show along the way. Squeak is now semi retired at the tender age of 18 months.

Click pic for Squeaks page.
Squeak causes havoc at Tinsnips.

Dachshunds-Miniature-Wirehair Paw Prints.

Aust Champ Tinsnips Haveumet Miz Fox
W: 03/03/09 Wild Boar

Jelly is Squeaks sister : She is MISS DIVA, a total show-off who loves life and everything connected to it! Life is full on wth Jelly and she wowed Linda, her mum the moment they met : it was LOVE at first sight although I must admit I tried to get Linda to change her mind :) :Jelli captivates everyone with her personality and showmanship, or should I say: showbitchship? She struts her stuff and adores the ring defintely thinking it is her domain! Gorgeous in every way Jelly is the foundation bitch for Linda Robinson of Wattwires in SA.
Good luck Linda :)

Jelli rules the roost in SA with Linda & her Uncle Wattie Grand Ch Tinsnips WhatzUp Duck
Click pic for Jellis page.

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