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Below are some of the Tinsnips or Wickerby bred dogs, as well as Imports which are or will be, utilized in the joint breeding venture embarked on in 2004.

Freckle-Face Pacemaker (Imp Finland)

Pate was one of the most sort after dogs in Finland and has produced some beautiful pups. He was chosen for his bloodlines and his moderate but gorgeous conformation. A very obliging nature with a love for people is the icing on the cake. I am fortunate to have him and I thank Markku Lampero for allowing me to bring out this special lad. Pate has the required CACIB's for his Championship but time restraints prevented him from qualifying in the field which is a requirement to become a Finnish Champion. He is nevertheless an asset to my breeding program and Australia.

Pate's a Dachshund Miniature Wirehair.
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Dachshund Miniature Wirehair Paw Prints.
Australian and New Zealand Champion Tinsnips Wife Cheetah's a Dachshund Miniature Wirehair.

Aust & NZ Champion Tinsnips Wife Cheetah (exp NZ)
W: 11/05/2001 Wild Boar Dapple.

Cheat has a sweet and obliging nature and is a lover not a fighter. He had numerous show wins in Australia to his credit and achieved his NZ title despite being over 5 kg's. A wondeful harsh coat Cheat carries some old but important bloodlines and is well loved by all who meet him. Cheat is the gentle ruler of the Wickerby household.

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Siring some lovely pups.

Dachshunds Miniature Wirehair Paw Prints.

Aust .Grand Champion Tinsnips Whatzup Duck
W: 20/09/2002 Dog Wild Boar

"Wattie is out of "Fibs". Another gorgeous dog who is an incredible character. Exceptional coat and wacky nature he has become quite the celebrity. Wattie resides with his "mum" Linda Robinson in Adelaide; SA.
Australian Grand Champion Tinsnips Whatzup Duck is a Dachshund Miniature Wirehair.
Thank-you Linda for giving Wattie such a fabulous home!
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Dachshunds Miniature Wirehair Paw Prints.

Aust Ch. Tinsnips Crocodile Dundee
W: 29/12/2009 Wild Boar.

"Strop" is Puddles son from her final litter. Sired by Pate he is a combination of old AUST lines mixed with UK, USA and Finnish bloodlines. He will take a long time to mature up as is common with this line and maybe one day he will get a brain :) A soft natured little fella that is a delight to own he is being shown and gained his title with ease. He is a gorgeous boy and if he ever starts to believe it he will go a lot further than he has in the showring although I am not complaining about his achievements . Meanwhile he is enjoying being a dog and gets away with murder. He lives with his older sister Squeak and keeps us all amused with his quirky outlook on life.

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A gorgeous boy who doesnt know it !

Dachshunds Miniature Wirehair Paw Prints.

Tinsnips Crocodile Rock
W: 28/12/2009 Dog Wild Boar

"Freud" is litter brother to Strop. He is very similar and will require sometime to mature up. He has an exceptional coat and is a sooky boy. Not shown often he cant get the hang of being a showdog, Frued resides with Michela and Damian in Perth. WA. and they love him to bits despite being a doofer in the ring!
Frued enjoys the climate and lifestyle in Perth WA.
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Dachshunds Miniature Wirehair Paw Prints.

Tinsnips Ninja Turtle
W: 22/02/2011 Wild Boar.

"Raffaello" or "Raffy" is a full brother to "Dolli" and litter brother to Terra. Sired by Pate out of Turtle he is a combination of old AUST lines mixed with UK, USA and Finnish bloodlines. Raffy is such a sooky little fella that delights in just being cuddled and loved. He is staying at Tinsnips for the moment to see how he matures as he is too nice to place in a pet home. He is being shown occasionally although still only a baby. Another promising boy with a wonderful coat it will be interesting to watch him grow. Meanwhile he enjoys belting around the garden with his grandma Puddles and sister Terra. Most of all he likes having cuddles and laying in front of the fire at night with his sister "Terra".

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The baby boy of the family "Raffy" is truly a mummys boy!

Dachshunds Miniature Wirehair Paw Prints.


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