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Past Dogs

Below are some of the Tinsnips dogs from the past and present. Some of these dogs feature in the pedigrees of those presently residing at Tinsnips or Wickerby. Some are just remembered for the characters they were and for the wonderful times had with them. All were/are special in there own way.

*Note: Somewhat lacking in pictures::was not good with the camera and now too late for the oldies! Check back for more additions!

Celebrating all these beautiful fur-kids

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Australian Champion Bontharambo Karaway

Australian Champion Bontharambo Karaway
W:28/11/79 Red Dapple (Dec)

"Tiffany" was my first mini wire and foundation bitch for Tinsnips. She was an absolute honey and a very good beginners dog. She had a coat to die for requiring very little grooming which is why even now I do not like to keep dogs with soft coats. Tiffany was not the best constructed dog lacking in angles front and rear but produced puppies of excellent quaility. Although well back in the pedigrees of the current dogs I can still see her influence coming through. A typical wire she loved everybody and although long gone she will never be forgotten. I am so grateful she came my way as she was the start of a life long commitment to this fabulous breed.

Vale my darling Tiffy.

Dachshund Miniature Wirehair Paw Prints.

Australian Champion Tinsnips Humbug
W: 25/08/82 Bitch Wild Boar (Dec)

"Twiggy" was my first home bred Champion from my first litter out of Tiffany. She was shown in the times when wires were looked upon as being the second cousins of the dachshund world (and this bias still exisits to a degree even today) yet managed to win some top awards against strong hound competition. Pictured at 4 months of age she matured into a stunning bitch but sadly I didnt ever breed from her. Back in "those" days I was just starting out in the world on my own and always put off mating her until another day. Sadly that day never came.

Australian Champion Tinsnips Humbug
Thankyou Twiggy for just being!

Dachshund Miniature Wirehair Paw Prints.

Australian Champion Tinsnips Fozzie Bear

Australian Champion Tinsnips Fozzie Bear
W: 14/04/83 Dog Red Dapple (Dec)

"Fozzie" although not my first wire being from my second litter out of Tiffany was THE ONE. A dog before his time he was both handsome and intelligent.A gorgeous dog who gave me the biggest thrill as a breeder when he won Best Veteran in Show at a Hound Speciality, he was the oldest dog there and his daughter from his second litter won Baby Puppy in Show. A breeders dream! Forever the clown he would be very buisness like in the ring then scan the crowd for anyone with bait:: then the circus act was on !! He would politely ruff at them then sit up begging:: you could just seen the delight in his eyes when he had an audience! Other competitors liked it as they only had to signal to him to roll over and flip over he would :: regardless if mum had him stacked for the judge or not!!! My friend, my buddy : Fozzie will never be forgotten : I still tear up when I think of him, 15 years wasnt long enough.

Thankyou for the laughter and the joy you bought me Fozz.

Dachshund Miniature Wirehair Paw Prints.

Australian Champion Tinsnips Madame Butterfly
W: 26/05/1995 Silver Dapple (Dec)

"Lacey" was a female version of her father Fozzie: biddable, sweet natured, comical and just a joy to own. Winner of several breed point-score competitions as well as Best Female Dachshund of the year in 1996 with strong competition. A favorite with all who were privileged to know her. Lived her latter years with Charlotte Jordan from Hawaii Lace left her mark through her only child "Fibs." Still missed Lacey will always live in our hearts.

Tinsnips Madame Butterfly is a Dachshund Miniature Wirehair.
A very special little lady.

Dachshund Miniature Wirehair Paw Prints.

Australian Champion Tinsnips Lil Liar Bird is a Dachshund Miniature Wirehair.

Australian Champion Tinsnips Lil Liar Bird
W: 07/07/1998 Bitch Wild Boar (Dec)

"Fibs"was a great character:: an only child and behaved like one!! I will never forget her at 3 weeks old clinging on to her mum "Laceys" tail and taking a ride! She excelled in the show-ring and also in the whelping box producing 4 champions from one litter. Her progeny lives on through that wonderful litter of "Ducks."
However, most of all it was a delight to be owned by her.

Vale Fibsey!

Dachshund Miniature Wirehair Paw Prints.

Aust & NZ Champ Tinsnips Plucka Duck (exp NZ)
W: 20/09/2002 Wild Boar

Plucka has a gorgeous but somewhat snooty nature and believes humans are put on this earth to serve her. She achieved her Australian and NZ Championships with ease and has proved herself in the show-ring with several good wins to her credit. She has also performed well in the whelping box producing the fabulous Poppie. She is in retirement hogging the couch and keeping her new owner totally enchanted.

Australian and New Zealand Champion Tinsnips Plucka Duck is a Dachshund-Miniature-Wirehair.
Now retired in NZ.
Click pic for Pluckas page.

Dachshund-Miniature-Wirehair Paw Prints.

Australian Champion Tinsnips Rubba Ducky is a Dachshund Miniature Wirehair.

Australian Champion Tinsnips Rubba Ducky
W: 20/09/2002 Wild Boar (Dec)

Duck was from "Fibs," he perfected her wacky nature and was always playing the goof ball. Despite this he notched up several good show awards including Best In Show at a Dachshund Specialty. Duck was retired from the ring after breaking his tail in 2005. An excellent stud dog who despite not being used much, sired some gorgeous pups. Sadly now at Rainbow bridge but living on through his highly valued progeny.

Click Pic to see Ducks page.
Loved you Duck.

Dachshund-Miniature-Wirehair Paw Prints.

Aust & NZ Champion Tinsnips Deer Me (exp NZ)

W: 26/07/2004 Black & Tan (Dec)

Bambi was out of Duck and he passed on his good looks. Bambi was also mischief waiting to happen! Discerning with whom she adored but was adored by all who saw her. Numerous in Group and Show winner including Puppy in Show at a Dachshund Specialty. Bambi headed to NZ after gaining her Aust Championship easily and had a great show career over there gaining her title within a few weeks of showing. We had high hopes for her however, Bambi was badly injured in a freak show of mother nature and a hard decision had to be made before she was able to leave her mark. Bambi is greatly missed but at least now is free of pain. Our sweet girl never complained the whole time she was suffering and we worked out what was wrong.
Australian Champion Tinsnips Deer Me is a Dachshund Miniature Wirehair.

Vale Bambi!

Click Pic to see Bambis page.

Dachshunds Miniature Wirehair Paw Prints.

Aust Ch Tinsnips Miss Piggy
Aust Ch Tinsnips Miss Piggy W:2/11/85 Wild Boar (Dec)

Doby helped put mini wires on the map being my most prolific winner in the ring. I would arrive at a show and her fan club would greet her as "The Dame" and come and watch her dance in the ring. She had the most spectacular free flowing movement and look at me attitude. Doby KNEW she was special. A Best In Show winner (All Breeds) Doby charmed the world with her style and class. She produced well, all of her pups shown gained their titles with ease. Her best known child was Grand Ch Tinsnips Gothe Wholehog who was proudly owned and loved by the Smiths.
Doby : Gone but never forgotten.

Dachshunds Miniature Wirehair Paw Prints.

Not quite Aust Ch Tinsnips Grays Dove W : 24/12/2006 Wild Boar (Dec)

Dove rocked me with her gentle obliging nature at home : always up for a cuddle she was a fun loving soul that loved nothing better than to get out and hunt with her sister Turtle. Dove would come back with a smile from ear to ear and flop on the patio to catch her breath before taking her leave and heading out again to find those elusive rabbits. Through no fault of her own, as I stopped showing for nearly 2 years when she was quite young, she never did gain her title being only a few points off when tragedy struck. Dovey is now hunting rabbits at the rainbow bridge and I can still picture that grin !

Vale Dove : happy hunting !
Click Pic to see Doves page.

Dachshunds Miniature Wirehair Paw Prints.