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Tinsnips Ninja Turtle


W: 22/02/2011 Dog Wild Boar.

Sire : Freckleface Pacemaker (Imp Finland). Dam Aust Ch Tinsnips Turtle Dove

Raffy is apparently a brave Ninja Turtle but in reality he is a softy that loves a cuddle and doesn't like to be in any sort of trouble. He lives with his sisters Terra and Shelly and they give him heaps! When it gets too much for him he just toddles off and finds his favourite toy and has a snuggle. A handsome boy who is just a total sook. LOVES a cuddle and a soft word but dont raise your voice to him as his world is destroyed! If he was human he would be a SNAG!!! I love this boy to bits and hope he turns out good enough to keep: we shall see ! For now he stays and keeps my feet warm at night before bed!

"Raffy" the soft baby boy who loves a cuddle and just being adored at Tinsnips!"

Dachshunds Miniature Wirehair Paw Prints.


"Raffy" 5 months being a poser!

Dachshund Miniature Wirehair Paw Prints.




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